Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It's arrived

Got the frame last Friday which was a tricky gig trying to weave through London's Underground system with a large box. This being hindered of course by my own consumption of beer in celebration of it being a day ending in Y.

Of course, I wasn't alone in my descent into what British people do best, which is trying to erase some deeply embedded guilt by consuming an entire wave of lager. London was awash with others in much the same state. 

However, singletons take note, I was inundated with drunken questions about the box. By none other than the fairer sex. All these years I'd tried a multitude of various 'pulling' techniques with varying success but had I known all I needed to do was attend pubs and clubs carrying a suitably large box*, it would've made life more simple.

I made it home with most of my clothes intact having been ravaged by laydeez on the train almost feverish to find out the contents of my box (the truth would've bored them to tears) to find 2 cats we've just started to foster. Both incredibly cute and handsome. And here is the unfortunately named Monkey taking his place as chief 'guard'.

The bike is cool and I quickly chucked the brakes on it to see if they looked good. First signs are they do.

Onwards I guess now.


* One girl did ask if I had a dead body in there. I blame the The Daily Mail.


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