Thursday, 18 November 2010

MI5 without Bodie and Doyle

After much deliberation (and most of this was cost) I've decided the rear hub will be a MI5 by White Industries. It is the most complimentary to the SON hub in terms of looks and has nothing short of messiah-like praise wherever I've looked.

And so it should have.

It's ludicrously expensive.

However, this is a bike for life and for the most part I'd to have parts that I can point at and say I bought that in 2010 whilst pointing at it with a stick in later life.

It leaves the dilemma of which rims to get for them both. They're both 36h and that has cut the amount of rims I can choose from. I'm hoping for either DT Swiss TK's or Mavic Open Pros, but its proving a bit of a ball ache so far.

In other news...

I've already gone against the Avid Shorty's and gone all V Brake. Despite not quite looking the part, I'd quite like to stop.

Will tell you more about the rims when I make a decision.