Tuesday, 24 August 2010

From 58 to a 60cm. Experiment time.

I originally ordered a 58cm frame for my LHT based on my experiences with my Surly Steamroller which I did with intentionally long seatpost and smaller frame so I can whip through traffic with higher control. And shake my fist at drivers easier.

Besides, I always like the look of smaller bikes. Big bikes looks so clumsy (like me).

But after looking at the surly lht google group and various flickr groups it seems as though the fit needs to be more precise. Makes sense I suppose, given that I'll be doing heavier mileage on the LHT and the Steamroller is my City Whip and only does about 20 miles a day. But some of the most fun I can have after a dull day at work.

Anyway, the bike frame has arrived now (a pic will come tonight) and so the parts will be ordered one or 2 parts at a time.

As mentioned before I got a Fire Eye Headset in XL and black (it was cheaper). Still wondering about it. Should I have got silver? Should it have been a Chris King ;)



James O'Neill said...

You should check out planet-x bikes, they are having a huge clear out. You decided on what shifters you are going to use yet?


Not thought about shifters or derailleurs yet. I've never been below an XT on MTB and subsequently never had an issues with shifting.

Snobby as it sounds, my MTB has XTR front and rear which have never ever failed me so I'm doing some costings along the way.

Time and bravery will tell :)

James O'Neill said...

Personally I would think the 'steal me' factor increases of XTR on a tourer out weigh the weight benefits :( Plus that's a little extra cash that you can spend on nice stuff like racks or shiny bags :)

Have you thought about bars yet?

John the Monkey said...

My Trucker runs on Deore and Tiagra.

A pal with Hope Hubs and I compared the "free running" time (lift the wheel, spin it) - I won :)

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