Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back In Black

Wasn't amazed at the colour choice for the Long Haul Trucker, so I had a quandry. Wait for the 2011 models and hope for a change or take the frame up to armourtex and have it resprayed.

In the past Surly have done some nice colours for the LHT, however the stock colour for 2010 is Blue or Black.

Now, I've never liked black bikes. They're too commuter-ish. And although the blue is nice, my MTB is blue and I fancy a different colour.

Still, I wrote to Surly:

Hey there,

I'm very much into building up a LHT but not too enamoured by the colours, so I thought I'd ask what the 2011 colour scheme might be if there's a colour change.

No worries if not, I'll just get the frame resprayed.

And they replied (probably wondering why I'd spelt colour wrong):

The 2011 LHT will look just like the 2010 – black and blue all over (again).
No color change is in the works. Warm up the powder coater.

Eric Sovern
Surly Bikes

So, seems like I may be off to Armourtex. Now, what colour shall I go for?


John the Monkey said...

I like my Olive Trucker a lot, although the Truckaccino looks a lot nicer in person (with nice honey leather Brooks &c...)

The black does build into a very nice bike - there's a striking build somewhere on the LHT group using polished silver finishing kit that's stunning, imo.

FWIW, my favourite ever trucker colour was the Dark Cherry they did a couple of seasons ago.


Is the dark cherry colour the same as the Steamroller colour in my picture? We called it beetroot poo here.

It is a really colour.

I was hoping to go for a colour that may compliment a honey or brown. I'm still searching for inspiration online.

John the Monkey said...

Naw, Dark Cherry was an almost burgundy red - looked bloody great, but chipped easily, apparently.

Teddy said...

I was also disappointed to see that Surly was offering that grotesque blue, and standard Ford black, it's alright though as I got my olive green while I still could, although I did have my hearts set on the Dark Cherry, or Sage Green

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