Sunday, 31 October 2010

On the way

It's been a little while since new parts have been added to the bike. My other stupidly expensive hobby of playing the bass guitar has sapped money out of me. I make this out to be a chore but actually i'm getting brand new guitar which is very exciting (even if it is already a month late, but this isn't the blog in which to whine about this stuff.)

Anyroad, here's some pictures of where I'm at so far. Not much further, but I'm not scrimping on gear so it's a 'build slow, build strong' mentality. Enjoy.

Here's some jolly headset caps for a nice guy called Fast Freddy located here

Nitto Noodles at 48cm. Probably the last pair on the planet :D

VO Saddle with silver springs. Bad luck Brooks. Also, I've experimented with different types of 'silver' on the headset spacers to make it look a little different. So far I'm pleased with the results.

Already seen these, but thought I'd show them again.

Surly Decals. None in the UK so these came all the way from Niagara Falls. Weirdly, no white LHT decals so the Long Haul Trucker decals has been omitted from the build. Not that fussed really.

SON delux 36h hubs. We'll see if this was worth the investment later.


Chuck Davis said...

Think about some self extract bolts for the cranks maybe?

John the Monkey said...



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