Saturday, 4 September 2010

First Draft

Managed to get the frame home again without scratching up and down the train so it's made it onto the workstand.

Fortunately, its the same colour as the front room so its largely gone unnoticed by the wife and cats. I've quickly thrown everything I've bought on so far. And that is:

VO headset
Avid Shorty 6 Brakes
Sugino XD Crankset
MKS Sylvan pedals (they're lying around, but I have some spare Crank Bros Egg Beaters too)

I think its beginning to look rather swish.

Now, wheels next I reckon.


Bradford said...

Nice, keep the pics comin. I'm interested in what else you have to add one :-D

Lee said...

Really glad I came across your blog as have just set out on my own self LHT Build. Just waiting for the frame and crankset to arrive then I'll be one my way. Will be very interesting to compare our finished steeds :) Good luck and keep the updates coming!!

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